Information for Current MFA Students

Upload MFA Creative Thesis and Final Portfolio

How to Submit Your MFA Creative Thesis to the Scholarly Repository

  1. Go to the University of Miami Libraries Scholarly Repository,, and set up a free account. On the Homepage, click “MyAccount,” then choose “Create New Account.”

  2. On the “Create New Account” page, fill in all fields. Use proper casing for names. Input a permanent e-mail address, not your UM e-mail address. By filling in the field for institutional affiliation here, the same field will auto-complete on your actual ETD page. Then click “Sign Up.”

  3. Check your email account for an “Account Confirmation” message. Click on the enclosed link to confirm/activate your Scholarly Repository account.  

  4. You will be automatically returned to the My Account logon page. Log in with your e-mail address and Scholarly Repository password.

  5. Next, submit your ETD:

        a. Go to

        b. Then, click “Submit Research” under “Author Corner” on the left menu column.
  6. A submission agreement will appear on the screen. Please read it, print a copy of the agreement for your records, check the box labeled “Please check this if you agree to the above terms,” then click on the “Continue” button.

  7. You are now ready to enter information about your dissertation or thesis then upload your Dissertation Editor-approved PDF to the repository. All fields are required.

        a.  Title: Enter the full title as it appears on the first page of the Abstract. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS.Please use initial caps, i.e., capitalize the first letter of each major word and lower case minor words like “and,” “in,” “a,” etc.
              This is an example of a properly capitalized title: “An Analysis of Clause Usage in Academic Texts Produced by African-American, Haitian, and Hispanic Community College Students.”

        b.  Author: Your e-mail address and name should be automatically retrieved (based on the Account setup).

        c.  Publication Date: Add today’s date.

        d.  Availability: Infinite Embargo

        e.  Degree Type: Master of Fine Arts Creative Thesis

        f.  Degree Name: Master of Fine Arts

        g.  Date of Closing Conversation:Add the date of closing conversation.

        h.  Committee Members:

           • Add the names of the committee members (up to 7). The Chairperson’s name should be added first.

           • Each committee member’s name should be formatted: First name, middle name or initial, last name (e.g., John W. Smith).

           • Omit titles and degrees such as “Dr.,” :Professor,” or “Ph.D.”

        i.  Abstract: Write or paste in the Abstract text only. Do not include the Abstract heading that appears in the manuscript

        j.  Keywords: Add up to six keywords OR phrases. Separate with a semi-colon (;).

        k.  Upload Full Text:Browse to the ETD file on your computer and select. The best practice for uploading files is to upload the PDF directly from your workstation rather than from a “memory stick.” Check the “Please check this if you'd like to add additional files” box if you would like to upload your Creative Writing Final Portfolio. Then click, “Submit“ once.