Maxine Hong Kingston

Open Borders of the American Language

A Lecture and Conversation
Friday, October 26th
5:30PM - Reception
6:15 PM - Program 

University of Miami Storer Auditorium — View Map and Directions
School of Business Administration

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The MFA in Creative Writing Program along with the College of Arts and Sciences are pleased to welcome celebrated author Maxine Hong Kingston to contribute to our dialog on the Arts and Humanities in a lecture titled "Open Borders on the American Language" and a conversation with author and director of the UM Creative Writing Program, M. Evelina Galang

Late the next day, we went to the City
For me to talk on the radio about veterans of war,
veterans of peace. In a waiting room, women 
in scarves – Muslims – were serving food to one
another. Each one seemed to have come from
a different land and race, her headdress
and style and skin color unlike any sister's.
Silks. Velvet. Poly jacquard. Coral,
red and black, henna, aqua. Peacock.
Crystals, rhinestones. Gold thread. Impossibly
diverse cultures, yet Islam brings them together.
This corridor is an oasis on the Silk Road,
As if that thoroughfare continues through Africa,
and across oceans. An Egyptian-looking woman
held up to me, then to Earll,
a tray of fruits and vegetables. "Eid,
she said. "Celebrate the Eid."
I chose a cherry tomato and a medjool date.
I willed my Thank you to embrace her, go through
and around her, and enfold the other Muslims, the ones
here and the many far away.

-- from I Love A Broad Margin To My Life

Maxine Hong Kingston is the author of The Woman Warrior, China Men, Tripmaster Monkey, and The Fifth Book of Peace, among other works. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circleaward, the presidentially conferred National Humanities Medal, the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters from the National Book Foundation, and the F. Scott Fitzgerald Award. For many years a Senior Lecturer for Creative Writing at UC Berkeley, she lives in Oakland, California.

OPEN BORDERS OF THE AMERICAN LANGUAGE will be a signature event for the University's Taking Flight program that celebrates scholarship, research, community engagement, and creative expression in the Humanities and the Arts.

This event is free and open to the public.