Photo Album

Welcome to the James Joyce Literary Supplement Archive--which is our colloquialism for the accumulated office flotsam from 15 years of Joyce conferences, brouhahas, shindigs, receptions, farewell dinners, and what-have-yous. Rather than continually shuffle the Archive around from drawer to drawer, we thought that Joyce scholars, either experienced (jaded, well-worn, hardened) or nascent (young, eager, starry-eyed, gullible), would enjoy a look through.

This web page shall be constantly added to, but since some of these photos and scraps are from the primal dawn of Joyce studies (the 60s) and considering that our highly technical archival system (known familiarly as "The Shoe Box" and/or "Zack's Memory") is sometimes faulty, we will need help FROM YOU in identifying and labeling years, faces, and places. If you have info, please drop us a line at Thank you.

--David M. Earle, head archivist, JJLS.