Guidelines for Reviewers

The deadline for the next issue is usually three months from reception of book, but will, of course, be established by the editor upon reviewer's acceptance of the book. If circumstances prevent you from submitting your review in a timely fashion, please contact us immediately.

  1. Please submit your review in a word document via e-mail ( with MLA formatting (double-space, one-inch margins, left justification).
  2. Please create a head note with the following information:

    Book Title
    City: Publisher, Year

  3. Please abide by the following word limits

    Joyce Books..............4000 words
    Non-Joyce Books.....2000 words

The JJLS staff can be reached by phone at (305) 284-3140, by fax at (305) 284-5635 or by email at E-mail is the preferable method for correspondence (because of time constraints), but we are happy to revert to other methods some find more acceptable. Also, please be aware that the office is not staffed full-time, thus there may be a delay in receiving a response. You will, however, hear from someone as soon as the message is received.

Thank you.