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Studying English at the University of Miami

Studying English at the University of Miami is much more than reading old books and writing five-paragraph essays. Want to study Game of Thrones? We've got a class on that. Want to be a lawyer? We offer courses that combine law and literature, as well as courses in legal and professional writing. Interested in issues of race, gender, or the environment? We've got faculty who specialize in these areas of literature, and many more. And yes, of course we've also got the classics: Austen, Shakespeare, Dickinson, Chaucer, and many more.

In UM English classes you’ll learn to write persuasively and vividly, whether it’s a blog post, a long-form research project, or a poem.
The Composition program works with students to develop the habits of mind, tools, and strategies for writing in college and beyond.
The Writing Center at UM strives to help all members of the university community learn more about writing and become better writers.

2 degrees in creative writing: A Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration on Creative Writing, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

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