English Literature, Creative Writing, and Composition Faculty

English Literature Faculty

Robert Casillo, Ph.D.



(305) 284-5592
Author, The Genealogy of Demons: Anti-Semitism, Fascism, and the Myths of Ezra Pound (1988), The Empire of Stereotypes: Germaine de Stael and the Idea of Italy (2006); Gangster Priest: The Italian American Cinema of Martin Scorsese (2006).

Donette Francis

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-5608
Donette Francis is Director of the American Studies Program.   Donette Francis specializes in Caribbean literary and intellectual histories, American immigrant literatures, African diaspora literary studies, globalization and transnational feminist studies, and theories of sexuality and citizenship. She is co-founder of the...

Kathryn S Freeman



(305) 284-3986
Kathryn Freeman, whose fields are British Romanticism, Orientalism, Blake studies, and women’s literature, received her PhD from Yale in 1990.  She is the author of Blake’s Nostos: Fragmentation and Nondualism in The Four Zoas (SUNY 1997); Women Writers and the Asiatic Society of Bengal,...

John R. Funchion

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-5607
Personal Web Page John Funchion’s essays have appeared in Early American Literature, Modern Language Quarterly, Modernist Cultures, and The Henry James Review. He recently completed a series of final revisions on his first book, States of Nostalgia: the Aesthetics of Antagonism in the Nineteenth-Century...

Thomas A Goodmann

Assoc. Professor
Department Chair


(305) 284-4075
Thomas Goodmann received his PhD in English from Indiana University with a Certificate in Medieval Studies. He has published an essay on John Wyclif in the DLB volume, Old and Middle English Literature, and on modern literacy in medieval languages in Exemplaria, and is currently editing and contributing...

Tassie K Gwilliam

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-4468
Author: Samuel Richardson’s Fictions of Gender (Stanford 1993); articles in Novel, Journal of the History of Sexuality, ELH, Representations, and Body and Text in the Eighteenth Century. Dr. Gwilliam’s teaching focuses on the encounters between popular culture and...

Pamela S Hammons



(305) 284-5612
Dr. Hammons specializes in early modern English and medieval literature, manuscript culture, poetry, women’s writing, and theories of gender and sexuality. She is the author of Gender, Sexuality, and Material Objects in English Renaissance Verse (Ashgate 2010), Poetic Resistance: English Women Writers and the...

Catherine Anne Judd

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-2182
Catherine Judd received her masters in Comparative Literature in '86 and her PhD in English Literature in '91 both from UC Berkeley, and is an Associate Professor in the English Department at the University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida. She has written a book on Victorian nursing and articles on various nineteenth-century topics...

Marina Magloire

Asst. Professor


Marina Magloire is a black feminist scholar of African American and diasporic literature. Her current book project explores the influence of Afro-Caribbean spirituality on black American women writers and performers in the twentieth century. She is also working on a second book project on Afrosurrealism. 

Patrick A. McCarthy



(305) 284-2920
Pat McCarthy teaches a wide range of courses, from introductory surveys of European literary masterpieces and British literature to upper division and graduate courses on modern British and Irish writers. Although he is best known as a scholar for his many publications on James Joyce and Malcolm Lowry, he has wide research interests in the areas...

Marlon Rachquel Moore

Assoc. Professor


Marlon Moore is interested in African American literary and popular culture of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries with special concern for how black LGBTQ identities intersect with other experiences and identifications, including (religious and secular) spirituality, disability, and the black south. Her work has appeared in...

Brenna M Munro

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-5574
Brenna Munro specializes in queer and postcolonial studies, Anglophone African literature, and queer global writing and cinema. Her first book, South Africa and the Dream of Love to Come: Queer Sexuality and the Struggle for Freedom, published by the University of Minnesota Press in 2013, was a Lambda Literary Award finalist in LGBT...

Joel T Nickels

Assoc. Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies


(305) 284-5614
Joel Nickels focuses on world literature, global modernisms, and American and British literature since 1900. He is the author of World Literature and the Geographies of Resistance (Cambridge University Press 2018) and The Poetry of the Possible: Spontaneity, Modernism and the Multitude (University of Minnesota Press 2012).

Elizabeth Oldman

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-5366
Elizabeth Oldman is a graduate of Barnard College (B.A., English), Yale University (M.A., English), and New York University (Ph.D., English), and has studied at Leiden University and The Hague. Her research interests include Renaissance literature, the history of law and political thought, the literature and philosophy of war, gender studies,...

Jessica M Rosenberg

Asst. Professor


(305) 284-2561
Jessica Rosenberg specializes in early modern literature and culture, with a particular focus on the history of science and the history of the book. She received her PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Pennsylvania and MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge. An essay on husbandry and poetry is forthcoming...

John Paul Russo

Chair of Classics Department


(786) 200-0803

Patricia J. Saunders

Assoc. Professor
Hemispheric Caribbean Studies Faculty Lead - UMIA


(305) 284-3829
Prof. Saunders is an associate professor of English at the University of Miami and Hemispheric Caribbean Studies Faculty Lead at the Miami Insitutite for the Advanced Study of the Americas. Her research and scholarship focus largely on the relationship between sexual identity and national identity in Caribbean literature and popular culture. Her...

Peter Schmitt

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-2175
Peter Schmitt is the author of three full-length collections of poems: Renewing the Vows (David Robert Books), Hazard Duty, and Country Airport (Copper Beech Press).  He has also published two chapbooks: Incident in an Apartment Complex: A Suite of Voices,...

Frank H. Stringfellow, Jr.

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-4073

Lindsay Thomas

Asst. Professor


(305) 284-2182
Personal Web Page  Lindsay Thomas researches and teaches at the intersections of cultural and media studies, contemporary US literature, and the digital humanities. Her book Training for Catastrophe: Fictions of National Security after 9/11 will be published by the University of Minnesota Press in March 2021. She is...

Timothy P Watson



(305) 284-3818
Tim Watson teaches 19th- and 20th-century literatures in English. He is the author of Culture Writing: Literature and Anthropology in the Midcentury Atlantic World (Oxford University Press, 2018) and of Caribbean Culture and British Fiction in the Atlantic World, 1780-1870 (Cambridge University Press, 2008)....

Creative Writing Faculty

Chantel Acevedo

Advisor of Sinking City Literary Journal


Called "a master storyteller" by Kirkus Reviews, Chantel Acevedo is the author of the novels Love and Ghost Letters, winner of the Latino International Book Award, A Falling Star, winner of the Doris Bakwin Prize, The Distant Marvels, which was a finalist for the 2016 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in...

Jaswinder Bolina

Associate Professor


(305) 284-2113
Personal Site Jaswinder Bolina is author of Phantom Camera (Green Rose Prize, New Issues Press and Hachette 2013) and Carrier Wave (Colorado Prize, Center for Literary Publishing, Colorado State University 2007). His poems have appeared widely in national and international literary journals and in...

Patricia A Engel

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-2182 x2182
Patricia Engel is the author of Infinite Country, a New York Times Bestseller, Reese’s Book Club pick, Indie Next pick, and more. Her other books include The Veins of the Ocean, which won the Dayton Literary Peace Prize and was named a New York Times Editors’ Choice and a San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of...

M. Evelina Galang



(305) 284-5573
M. Evelina Galang is the author of the story collection Her Wild American Self (Coffee House Press, 1996), novels One Tribe (New Issues Press, 2006) and Angel De La Luna and the Fifth Glorious Mystery (Coffee House Press, 2013), the nonfiction work Lolas’ House: Filipino Women Living With War (Curbstone Books, 2017), and the editor of...

Amina Gautier, Ph.D.

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-2561
Amina Gautier is the author of two short story collections: Now We Will Be Happy (University of Nebraska Press, 2014), which won the Prairie Schooner Book Prize and At-Risk (University of Georgia Press, 2011), which won the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction. More than eighty of her short stories have been published or are...

Mia Angela Leonin

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-2114
Mia Leonin is the author of four poetry collections: Fable of the Pack-Saddle Child (BkMk Press), Braid, Unraveling the Bed, and Chance Born (Anhinga Press), and a memoir, Havana and Other Missing Fathers (University of Arizona Press). Leonin has published poetry and creative nonfiction in New Letters, Prairie Schooner, Guernica, Indiana Review,...

Composition Faculty

Brian Douglas Breed

Writing Center Tutor


(305) 284-4673
Brian Breed is a Lecturer in the English Composition Center. In addition to teaching English Composition 105 and 106 for the College of Arts and Sciences, he has frequently taught English 105 and 107 for the College of Engineering. He also works in the Writing Center as a tutor.  His areas of interest include...

James R Britton

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-4673
Assistant Director of English Composition and Senior Lecturer Areas of Interest: Composition, American Literature, Science Fiction, Science Writing James Britton received his Ph.D. in literature from the University of Miami.  He has taught first-year composition, American literature, and science writing courses.

Melissa Burley



(305) 284-4673
Areas of Interest: Visual Rhetoric, Photography, Creative Writing Melissa Burley received her MFA in fiction from the University of Miami after studying art history at the Université de Paul Valery, in Montpellier, France, and graduating with a B.A. in history from the College of William and Mary. Her poetry, prose poetry, an interview,...

Sarah E Cash



(305) 284-2124

Paul Deveney

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-3090
Areas of Interest: British Politics, European History, 19th and 20th century literature Paul Deveney studied at the London School of Economics, and was a Senior Fellow for many years at the University of Pennsylvania, where he taught writing and history. Earlier, he was a Senior Writer and columnist at the Wall Street Journal, and prior to that...

Nathaniel Deyo



(734) 904-6130

Devi Prasad Sharma Gautam



(305) 284-4673
Devi Prasad Gautam received his M.A. in English Language and Literature from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, India, in 1990, M. Phil in English from Pokhara University, Nepal, in 2005, and Ph.D. from the University of Miami in 2014. He teaches ENG 105 and 106, and has also worked as a tutor at the Writing Center.

Valerie A Gramling

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-4673
Areas of Interest: Composition, Medieval Literature, Dramatic Literature, Performance Studies Valerie Gramling earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Massachusetts in 2013, and has an M.A. in Performance Studies from Northwestern University (2005).  She teaches ENG 105 and 106.  Her essay "Flesche...

Andrew Green



(305) 284-4673
Andrew Green was born and raised in Miami, leaving to attend the University of Sussex in Brighton, England for his B.A., followed by Cambridge University for his PGCE. He taught in London for four years, before returning to Miami. His interests include travel, travel writing, and writing on social equality and voices of outsiders, both in...

Barbara Michelle Hoffmann



(305) 284-2124

Judy G Hood

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-4673
Judy Hood studied at Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany, graduated from Stetson University, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Miami. Her work ranges from non-fiction to poetry and has been published in The Southern Quarterly, Mangrove Literary Magazine, and the Miami Herald. She contributed to the college...

Nicole Hospital-Medina



(305) 284-2182
Nicole Hospital-Medina earned her MFA at the University of Miami where she now instructs writing and Composition. She is the current Writer in Residence of the Deering Estate at Cutler. Her poems can be read in the anthology,Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence,as well as in CURA: A Journal of Art and Action, The Miami Herald,...

Danielle K. Houck

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-4673
Danielle K. Houck majored in creative writing at Miami University. She studied fiction writing at Georgetown University and earned her M.F.A. (fiction) from the University of Miami in 2000. She has taught ENG 105, 106, 209, 230, 333, and 350, as well as IGS 517 for the UM Master of Arts in International Administration (MAIA) program. She served...

Joanna Johnson

Assoc. Professor Prof Practice


(305) 284-3090
Joanna Johnson has taught in the Writing and Composition Program at the University of Miami since 2000 and has directed the program since 2013.  She is responsible for approximately 200 sections of undergraduate writing courses taught by more than 50 faculty members and graduate students annually; university-wide faculty, graduate, and...

Susan Lynn Leary



(305) 284-4673
Susan L. Leary is the author of two poetry collections: Contraband Paradise (Main Street Rag, 2021) and the chapbook, This Girl, Your Disciple (Finishing Line Press, 2019), which was a finalist for The Heartland Review Press Chapbook Prize and a semi-finalist for the Elyse Wolf Prize with Slate Roof Press. Her poems and essays have appeared in...

April Dawn Mann

Senior Lecturer
Director of The Writing Center


(305) 284-2956
April Mann teaches in the English Composition Program and directs the Writing Center. She is currently involved in several projects related to writing, writing centers, and disability, specifically the autism-related disability known as Asperger's Syndrome. She was a contributor to and reader for Composing Inquiry: Methods and Readings for...

Gina L. Maranto

Senior Lecturer
Co-Director, Ecosystem Science and Policy
Graduate Program Coordinator, Environmental Science and Policy


(305) 284-8519
Gina Maranto received her M.A. in fiction from The Writing Seminars at The Johns Hopkins University in 1980. She is a prize-winning science writer who has covered biomedicine, the environment, and Earth sciences at the national level since 1982. Her articles, opinion pieces, and reviews have appeared in Discover,The Atlantic Monthly, Scientific...

Kimberly A McGrath Moreira

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-4947
Areas of Interest: English for Academic and Professional Purposes (EAP, EPP); Composition for STEM; Reading and composition; Curriculum development; Multi-modal teaching and learning; English Language Learners (ELLs) and transitioning to undergraduate and graduate programs; Social justice/change Kimberly McGrath Moreira completed her B.A. and...

Daniel Musgrave



Dan Musgrave (Osage) studied at Grinnell College before receiving an an M.A. in Anthropology from Iowa State University for his work conducting cognitive and linguistic research with great apes. Since, he has earned an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Missouri- St. Louis in fiction and nonfiction prose. He now teaches...

Martha E. Otis

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-4673 x4675
Martha Otis has an MFA from the University of Florida, an MA from Stanford University, and a BA from the University of Chicago. Her interests include poetry and all genres of narrative storytelling. She teaches composition 105, 106 and 107, and moonlights in creative writing 209 and 406.

Samantha R Phillips

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-4673
Samantha Phillips' creative non-fiction book, Real Girl/Real World (Seal Press 1998, 2003) is based on interviews with over seventy teen girls about beauty and the media, body image and eating disorders, sexuality, and the third wave of feminism. This book was re-created by a German feminist press (Orlanda) to cover similar issues. She is a...

Nicholas Pici



(805) 455-8403
Nick Pici earned BA and MA degrees from the University of Dayton and took his PhD in English from the University of California Santa Barbara. His dissertation, “Narrative (K)nots / Symbolic Seduction: Towards a Biopoetics of Symbolism in the Storytelling Arts,” is currently being revised for further publication opportunities....

Lisa Reyes



(305) 284-4673
Lisa Reyes earned her MFA in poetry at the University of Tampa where she was a recipient of the UT Achievement Award for her prose poetry collection, Salt Water. She was born and raised in New York City. She holds an MA in Literature from the City University of New York, College of Staten Island and has taught writing at various universities in...

Charlotte D. Rogers

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-4071
Dr. Charlotte Rogers has published in journals and periodicals in three disciplines: literature (including prose and poetry in the English Journal, Jewish Spectator, Classical Outlook, and Explicator), reading and learning disabilities (including in the Journal of Reading, Reading Improvement, and Journal of Learning Disabilities), and law...

Adina Sanchez-Garcia

Senior Lecturer
Associate Director of English Composition


(305) 284-4675
Adina Sanchez-Garcia received her M.A. from the University of Miami in 1992 (ABD 1993). In her teaching, she specializes in business and professional communication (ENG 230) as well as scientific and technical writing (ENG 107).  Because of her interests in technology and digital standards, she recently chaired a Committee on Digital...

Jennifer Schonwetter



(646) 285-6098
Jennifer Schonwetter received her Ph. D. in English Literature from St. John’s University, where she also completed an accelerated combined B. A/ M. A degree. Her research interests include black feminist studies, critical race theory, and multiple literacies. Currently, Jennifer is working on a curriculum for non-profit organizations...

Josune Urbistondo

Semester Lecturer


(305) 284-3090
Josie Urbistondo received her Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Miami after receiving her B.A. from Florida International University and her M.A. from New York University. Her research interests include Caribbean, Latino literatures and cultural studies. Currently, Josie is working on representations of the sacred within Latino...

John Wafer



(305) 284-4673 x4674
John Wafer is currently obtaining his doctoral degree in Composition Studies at Indiana University at Pennsylvania ((IUP). His research interests include Composition and Disability Studies, Cognitive Neuroscience, Biocultural Literacy, Qualitative Research methodologies, Sports, Competition and Gender Roles, and How to Qualify for the Boston...

Susan S Zabowski



(305) 205-6962