PhD Dissertations


  • Fictions of Immigrant Placemaking: Countering Gentrification in Contemporary American Literature and Fieldwork Narratives, Marta Gierczyk. Director: Tim Watson
  • A new true-born Storie': Women's Homosocial Resistance to Narratives of Monstrous Birth, 1520-1660, Lesley Kamphaus. Director: Pamela Hammons
  • Slow Resilience: Speculative Fiction in the Capitalocene, Anne Schmalstig. Director: Tim Watson 
  • Palimpsests of Empire: Humanitarian Recognition and the Ethics of Bearing Witness in World Literature, Bryant Scott. Director: Joel Nickels
  • The Canon, the Cult and the Cliché: Modes of Literary Attachment and the Digitization of Modernism, Oliver Steven Wallis. Director: Patrick McCarthy




  • Alfonso-Forero, Ann Marie Translating Postcolonial Pasts: Immigration and Identity in the Fiction of Bharati Mukherjee, Elizabeth Nunez, and Jhumpa Lahiri.
  • Huang, Yi Borderland without Borders: Chinese Diasporic Women Writers in the Americas
  • Ramlagan, Michelle (Re)Placing Nation: Postcolonial Women’s Contestations of Spatial Discourse
  • Slivka, Jennifer Strangers at Home: Threshold Identities in Contemporary Irish Women's Writing
  • Thibodeau, Amanda Gender, Utopia, and Temporality in Women's Science Fiction


  • Cahill Booth, Lara Theater of the Arts: Caribbean Intertexuality and the Muse of Place
  • Harriman, Lucas Betrayals, Secrets, and Lies: Unfaithful Reading in Modernist Undecidability
  • Johnson, Allison "Virtue's Friends": The Politics of Friendship in Early Modern English Women's Writing
  • Kellett, Brandi Haunting Witnesses: Diasporic Consciousness in African American and Caribbean Writing
  • Stone, Joshua American Ethni/Cities: Critical Geography, Subject Formation, and the Urban Representations of Abraham Cahan, Richard Wright, and James Baldwin


  • Caputo, Terra Love and Excess? Women’s Scandalous Fiction, and the Feminine Ideal of Moderation, 1680-1730.
  • DeVault, Christopher Amorous Joyce: Examining the Ethical and Political Implications of Joycean Love
  • He, Chu Postcolonial Performances in Brian Friel’s Plays
  • Jacobi, Kara Articulating Trauma: Creating Survival: Trauma and Narration in 20Th-Century Ethnic American Women’s Writing
  • Johnson, Nadia Modernizing Nationalism: Masculinity and the Performance of Anglophone Caribbean Identities


  • Gillota, David Belly Laughs: Body Humor in Contemporary American Literature and Film
  • Harrison, Sheri-Marie Nationalism and Self-Representation: Negotiating Sovereignty in Jamaican Cultural Landscapes
  • Pilhuj, Katherine A Mirror for the World: Gender, Geography, and Identity in Early Modern English Drama
  • Tucker, Amanda At Home in the World: Globalism in Modern Irish Writing


  • Baggett, Paul Modernization and Corporate Bodies from Reconstruction to the Harlem Renaissance
  • Fantina, Richard Charles Reade's Sensational Realism
  • Lolis, Thomas The Cartography of Interiority: Magic, Mapmaking, and the Search for Eden in the Renaissance
  • Sutton, Timothy The Roots That Clutch: English Catholicism, Nationalism, and Modernism


  • Arva, Eugene The Traumatic Imagination: Shock Chronotopes and Hyperreality in Magical Realist Writing
  • Damian, Jessica The Lucid Silver and the Glowing Ore: British Women Writers Mine South America, 1770-1860
  • Elhefnawy, Nader The Promise and the Peril: Science Fiction's Depiction of Technology
  • Frusciante, Denise In-Search of Psyche: the Multiplicity of Mythic Selves in Wallace Stevens
  • Gravano, Alan The Transfiguration of the Discarded: Consumption and Waste in Wallace Stevens, A.R. Ammons, Don Delillo, and Martin Scorsese


  • Giovannucci, Perri The Modernizing Mission: Literature and Development in North Africa
  • Sowell, Steven Elizabethan Formal Verse Satire and the Ideology of Dramatic Form, 1599-1608


  • Brooks-Jones, Marjorie Bahamian Womanspeak: the Caribbean Connection
  • Earle, David Recovering Modernism: Pulp Modernism and the Prejudice of Form
  • Erritouni, Ali Nation-States, Intellectuals, and Utopias in Postcolonial Fiction
  • Springer, Claudia Hearts Knit Together: Models of Friendship in the Novels of Charles Williams
  • Hyppolite, Joanne Everybody's Folk: Representations of Southern Black Culture in Nineteenth Century Ethnography and Literature
  • Layne, Prudence Towards an Erotics of Hybridity: Bodies at the Crossroads of a Nation
  • Shaw, Andrea The Fat Black Woman's Unruly Political Body
  • Shivel, Gail Opportunity Found in Contingency: the Innovations of Joseph Addison's Literary Journalism, 1709-1716


  • Britton, James Reforming America and Its Men: Radical Social Reform and the Ethics of Antebellum Manhood
  • Elders Dewaard, Jeanne The Crime of Womanhood: Ambivalent Intersections of Sentiment and Law in Nineteenth-Century American Culture
  • Montes, Rafael Making Places/Haciendo Lugares: Generational Traumas in Contemporary Cuban-American Literature
  • Turner-Piscitelli, June Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press: Too Much Room to Write?
  • O'Hara, John History, Monuments, and Canonicity After the Vietnam War
  • Pitts, Melanie Lyric Warriors, Lyric Women: Gendering Petrarchism in Early Modern England
  • Dismont Robinson, Kim Probing the Wound: Re-Membering the Traumatic Landscape of Caribbean Literary Histories


  • Morris, Kathryn Skirting History: Decolonizing Strategies in Caribbean Women's Literature
  • Page, Kezia "Kingston 21": Diaspora, Migrancy and Caribbean Literature


  • Clark, Cheryl The Woman Writer As Language-Maker: Authority, Textuality, and the Creative Process in the Works of Hildegard of Bingen
  • Gercken-Hawkins, Rebecca Authentic Reservations: the Rhetorical War for Native American Identity
  • Ink, Lynn Decolonizing the Tropics: Gender and American Imperialism in the Pacific and Caribbean
  • McGarrity, Maria Washed by the Gulfstream: the Historic and Geographic Relation of Irish and Caribbean Literature
  • McPeake, Margaret Embodying Ireland: Representing Woman As Nation and Community in Irish Literature
  • Monti, Stephen "I Circle Questions of Blood": the Politics and Poetics of Representing Aids by Writers of African Descent
  • Nester, Deborah "Gwine by": Colonial Women's Travel Literature and the West Indian Marketplace


  • Haggerty, Andrew Evil Literature, Irish Literature: Censorship and the Invention of the Irish Writer
  • Hobby, Blake Reading, Listening, and Understanding: Word Music in Narratives of Joyce and Mann
  • Rohman, Todd Fetishizing Pynchon: a Cultural Study of Commodity, Colony, and Female Representation


  • Chaudhry-Fryer, Mamta Modernism's Wilderness of Mirrors
  • McKenna, Bernard Fire in the North, Sun in the South": Rupture, Representation, and the Refashioning of Identity in Northern Irish Drama, 1968-1994
  • Mesa-Pelly, Judith Fictive Domains: Nostalgic Constructions of Body and Landscape in the Eighteenth Century
  • Messinger, D. Scott Narrative and the Body in John Barth, William Gaddis, and Thomas Pynchon


  • Santos, Marlisa Sublime Petrification: the Medusa As Motif in the Male Romantic Poets
  • Schneider, Elizabeth Not Exactly Tales for Boys: Gender and Difference in the Writings of Joseph Conrad
  • Shipe, Andrew Refiguring the Modern Self Through Hamlet and Ulysses


  • Ghitis, Belinda James Joyce and the Other: Paradigms of the Jew As Scapegoat
  • Healy, Robert Homoerotic Desire and Narrative Dilation in Elizabethan England
  • Sinowitz, Michael Waking Into History: Forms of the Postmodern Historical Novel
  • St. John, Andrea Biology As Ideology: the Masking Discourse of Evolution in Hardy, Wells, and Conrad
  • Van Mierlo, Wim Joyce's Sources: Intertextuality and Pretextuality in Finnegans Wake