Application and Admissions

Many of our PhD students come to us with a master’s degree from another university, but we also admit students directly from undergraduate institutions. Incoming students with an MA must complete 36 credits of coursework (four semesters), while students with only a BA require 54 credits of coursework. All students must demonstrate either a basic reading knowledge of two languages other than English or an advanced reading knowledge of one. Before proceeding to the dissertation, students must pass a qualifying exam, which includes a substantive written proposal for the dissertation along with written and oral examinations in two additional fields of literary and/or cultural studies.

Important Deadlines:

We do not offer a terminal MA. However, after two years, if students decide not to continue or if they do not make satisfactory progress, but they have completed 36 credits of graduate work and demonstrated a reading knowledge of one foreign language, they will receive the MA.

  • Apply for Admission and Fellowship Consideration Deadline: January 1, 2020.
  • Apply for Admission Final Deadline: February 1, 2020. 

All offers of admission come with five years of guaranteed tuition remission and a TAship with a cost-of-living stipend.

Link to Online Application:

Required Materials:

  • 1-2 page Statement of Purpose: This statement should address why you wish to pursue graduate work at the University of Miami in English, identify your research and teaching interests, and demonstrate a knowledge of current scholarly trends in the discipline.
  • Writing Sample (around 20 pages): A sample of your scholarly/research writing that showcases your best literary and cultural analysis along with an awareness of extant theory and scholarship. The quality of your prose counts.
  • Three letters of recommendation: these letters should be written by faculty who ideally know your academic work well and who hold your work in high regard.
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts: you may contact us if you wish to submit unofficial copies at the admissions stage. If you receive an admission offer from us, however, you must submit official copies before enrolling.
  • GRE General and English Subject Test* Scores: We do not have a minimum score threshold, but lower scores will hurt your chances at receiving a fellowship; those are awarded by the Graduate School or the College of Arts & Sciences where tests scores have greater weight.
    • Please note: our department assigns far greater weight to your written materials and letters of recommendation than we do your test scores and GPA.
    • *Submitting English Subject Test scores is optional.   
  • TOEFL Scores (Certain International Students Only): International students who need to submit TOEFL results can find information on the Graduate School site:   

For more information, you can email or write to:

Department of English 
University of Miami
P.O. Box 248145 
Coral Gables, FL 33124