Ph.D. Publications

Books by Ph.D. Graduates

  • Judith Broome: Associate Professor of English, William Paterson University; Author, Fictive Domains: Body, Landscape, and Nostalgia, 1717-1770 (Bucknell University Press, 2007).

  • Claire A. Culleton: Professor of English, Kent State University; Author, Names and Naming in Joyce(University of Wisconsin Press, 1994); Working-Class Culture, Women, and Britain, 1914-1921 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2000); Joyce and the G-Men: J. Edgar Hoover's Manipulation of Modernism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004).

  • Christopher DeVault, Associate Professor of English, Mount Mercy University. Author, Joyce’s Love Stories(Routledge, 2013).

  • David Earle: Associate Professor of English, University of West Florida; Author, Re-Covering Modernism: Pulps, Paperbacks, and the Prejudice of Form (Ashgate, 2009); All Man!: Hemingway, 1950s Men’s Magazines, and the Masculine Persona (Kent State University Press, 2009).

  • Richard Fantina: Professor of Graduate Studies, Union Institute & University (deceased); Author, Victorian Sensational Fiction: The Daring Work of Charles Reade, (forthcoming, Palgrave Macmillan, 2009), and Ernest Hemingway: Machismo and Masochism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005); Co-editor, Victorian Sensations: Essays on a Scandalous Genre (Ohio State University Press, 2006); Editor, Straight Writ Queer (McFarland, 2006).

  • Suzanne Ferriss: Professor of English, Nova Southeastern University; Co-editor, On Fashion (Rutgers University Press, 1994); Co-editor, Footnotes: On Shoes (Rutgers University Press, 2001); Co-editor, Chick Lit: The New Woman's Fiction (Routledge, 2005).

  • David Gillota: Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, Platteville; Author, Ethnic Humor in Multiethnic America(Rutgers University Press, 2013).

  • Perri Giovannucci: Associate Professor of English, American University in Dubai; Author, Literature and Development in North Africa: The Modernizing Mission (Routledge, 2008).

  • Edvige Giunta: Professor of English, New Jersey City University; Author, Writing with an Accent: Contemporary Italian American Women Authors (Palgrave Macmillan, 2002); Co-editor, The Milk of Almonds: Italian American Women Writers on Food and Culture (Feminist Press, 2002); Co-editor, Italian American Writers on New Jersey: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose (Rutgers University Press, 2003).

  • Sheri-Marie Harrison: Associate Professor of English, University of Missouri–Columbia; Author, Jamaica’s Difficult Subjects: Negotiating Sovereignty in Anglophone Caribbean Literature and Criticism (The Ohio State University Press 2014)

  • Kathryn Sullivan Kruger: Independent scholar; Author, Weaving the Word: The Metaphorics of Weaving and Female Textual Production (Susquehanna University Press, 2001).

  • Mary Lowe-Evans: Professor Emerita of English, Chair, University of West Florida; Author, Crimes Against Fecundity: Joyce and Population Control (Syracuse University Press, 1989); Frankenstein: Mary Shelley's Wedding Guest (Twayne, 1993); Critical Essays on Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Macmillan, 1998).

  • Maria McGarrity, Professor of English, Long Island University. Author, Allusions in Omeros: Notes and a Guide to Derek Walcott's Masterpiece (University Press of Florida, 2015), Editor, Caribbean Irish Connections,co-edited with Alison Donnell and Evelyn O'Callaghan (University of the West Indies Press, 2015); Author, Washed by the Gulf Stream: the Historic and Geographic Relation of Irish and Caribbean Literature(University of Delaware Press, 2008).

  • Maria McGarrity and Claire Culleton, eds. Irish Modernism and the Global Primitive, (Palgrave, 2008).

  • Bernard McKenna: Associate Professor of English, University of Delaware; Author, James Joyce's "Ulysses": A Reference Guide (Greenwood, 2002); Rupture, Representation, and the Refashioning of Identity in Drama from the North of Ireland, 1969-1994 (Praeger, 2003).

  • Myra Mendible: Professor of English, Florida Gulf Coast University: Editor, From Bananas to Buttocks: The Latina Body in Popular Culture (University of Texas Press, 2007); Editor, Race 2008: Critical Reflections on a Historic Campaign (Brown Walker Press, 2010).

  • Kezia Page: Associate Professor of English, Colgate University; Author, Transnational Negotiations in Caribbean Diasporic Literature: Remitting the Text (Routledge, 2010).

  • E. M. Papper: Former Dean of the Medical School, University of Miami; Author, Romance, Poetry and Surgical Sleep: Literature Influences Medicine (Greenwood, 1995).

  • Marlisa Santos: Associate Professor of English, Director of Humanities, Nova Southeastern University; Author, The Dark Mirror: Psychiatry and Film Noir (Lexington Books, 2010).

  • Lissa Schneider: Associate Professor of English, University of Wisconsin, River Falls; Author, Conrad's Narratives of Difference: Not Exactly Tales for Boys (Routledge, 2003).

  • Andrea Elizabeth Shaw: Assistant Director of Humanities and Professor of English, Nova Southeastern University; Author, The Embodiment of Disobedience: Fat Black Women's Unruly Political Bodies (Lexington Books, 2006).

  • Timothy Sutton: Assistant Professor of English, Florida Gulf Coast University; Author, Catholic Modernists, English Nationalists (University of Delaware Press, 2010).