James Joyce Literary Supplement

James Joyce at University of Miami

The James Joyce Literary Supplement (JJLS) is an international scholarly journal dedicated to reviewing all books about or related to James Joyce and Joyce-related subjects, such as Irish literature and modernism.  JJLS began publication in May 1987, under the late Bernard Benstock.  From 1987 to 2021, JJLS was published by the University of Miami.  During that period, JJLS had three editors: Bernard Benstock (1986-1994), Zack Bowen (1994-2010), and Patrick A. McCarthy (1999-2021). From beginning to end Robert Lowery, Editor of the Irish Literary Supplement, also served as publisher and production designer of JJLS.

As of 2022, JJLS is published as an online journal by the University of Central Florida, with Dr. Louise Kane as Editor.

Here is a link to a recent issue of JJLS:


The current editorial staff consists of the following:
Editor: Dr. Louise Kane, University of Central Florida
Managing Editor: Michael Sacks, University of Miami
Assistant Editor: Abigail Moreshead, University of Central Florida

You may contact the JJLS office at:

James Joyce Literary Supplement
University of Central Florida
Department of English
P.O. Box 161346
Orlando, FL 32816-1346