English Major with Concentration in British Literary History


As of Fall 2023, the concentration in British Literary History has been discontinued. Students who entered UM prior to Fall 2023 may continue in the major concentration through graduation, but the concentration is no longer available to students entering UM after Fall 2023.

Two (2) courses: ENG 211 and ENG 212

6 credits
Eight (8) courses numbered 300 or above, at least four of which must be numbered 400 or above, distributed as follows: 24 credits
  • One (1) course on Shakespeare
  • One (1) course on the history of criticism or literary theory
  • Two (2) additional courses in British literature before 1800
      (or a combination of British and other literatures)
  • Two (2) additional courses in British literature after 1800
      (or a combination of British and other literatures)
  • Two (2) electives
TOTAL CREDITS: 30 credits

Recommended: ancillary courses in art history, music, history, philosophy, in consultation with departmental advisor.


Departmental Honors in Literature

To enter the program a student must have achieved by the end of the junior year a 3.5 average in English courses and a 3.3 average overall. In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the English Literature Major, the candidate for Departmental Honors must:

  1. Take at least three literature courses at the 400-level or higher in fulfilling
    requirement 2 of the English Literature Major.
  2. Complete a six-credit Senior Thesis. This thesis is a documented essay of about 35 double-spaced typewritten pages on a literary subject. The student undertaking a Senior Thesis normally registers in ENG 497, Special Topics/Independent Study, for the first semester of the project, and in ENG 498, Senior Thesis, for the second semester. The student must receive a grade of B or higher in both courses in order to qualify for honors. 6 credits
  3. Receive for the thesis a recommendation for honors by the director of the Senior Thesis and by one other faculty reader from the Department of English.
  4. Achieve an average in the major of at least 3.5, and an overall average
    of at least 3.3. Total: 36 credits