Letter to Goran Alumni


Dear Creative Writing Alumni and Friends,

Take a moment to think about the impact your experience with Creative Writing Program’s founder, author and Professor Lester Goran has had on your life.  

All year long, we are celebrating his 50th teaching anniversary.  Many of you studied with Lester and have talked about the influence he has not only on your writing lives, but also on your personal lives.  As you know, Lester calls it like he sees it. You have shared tales where Lester has let you know exactly what he thinks of the stories you are writing and the stories you are living.

Today I ask you to make a gift to the Lester Goran Endowed Creative Writing Fellowship.  With a leadership gift from a former student, we have approached our goal to endow the fund and establish a permanent tribute to Professor Goran.  Now, more than ever, we need your generous support to help make this vision a reality.   Next to seeing his students succeed, what greater gift can you think of giving Lester than offering emerging writers the opportunity to write?  

Support the Goran Scholarship Fund today by making a gift online by clicking here.  Please designate your gift by typing “Goran Scholarship Fund” in the Gift Designation - Other field.  If you have any questions please contact Jeanne Luis by email at jluis@miami.edu or by phone 305.284.2988.    

During his 50th teaching anniversary, we honored Professor Goran by hosting the Goran  Reading Series, bringing back some of his most accomplished students – among them Chantel Acevedo ’99, Terrence Cheng ’97, Paul Perry ’97, and Michelle Richmond ’98.   On April 21 we end our year-long celebration with successful alumni Crissa-Jean Chappell ’99, Hayes Roth ’72, and Thomas Cavanagh ’89 in an interactive panel discussion titled So You Majored in Creative Writing, Now What?. Following the panel we host Tales from the Irish Club, a reception in honor of Professor Goran.  Please do plan to join us for both these events.  Lester would be so happy to see you.



M. Evelina Galang 
Associate Professor, Department of English