PhD Course Requirements

Overall Required Course Credits

Required Credits based on previous academic work. 

I HAVE . . .

 a BA, BS, or equivalent.

 54 credits of 600-level courses

 an MA in English.

 36 credits of 600-level courses

completed some advanced graduate work in English but have not earned an MA in English.


At least 45 credits of 600-level courses; transfer-credit amount will be up to the DGS’s judgment



Distribution Requirements


Distribution Requirements Checklist (18 credits)*


two 600-level courses in literature before 1700 (6 credits)


two 600-level courses in literature from 1700-1900 (6 credits)


one 600-level course in literature after 1900 (3 credits)


one of the following theory courses: ENG 681 or 682 (3 credits)


year-long Teaching Practicum (0 credits): writing (fall: ENG 691), literature (spring: ENG 692)


remaining credits to be taken as electives with a maximum of 6 credits allowed in disciplines outside English

*MA students may petition to have a portion of their distribution requirements waived.