PhD Faculty in English

Anthony Barthelemy: Ph.D., Yale, 1984. Fields: African-American and Renaissance literature. Author, Black Face, Maligned Race: The Representation of Blacks in English Drama from Shakespeare to Southerne (1987). Editor, Critical Essays on Shakespeare's "Othello" (1994).

Robert Casillo: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1978. Fields: Modern poetry, Victorian literature, cultural and ethnic studies. Author: The Genealogy of Demons: Anti-Semitism, Fascism, and the Myths of Ezra Pound (1988); The Empire of Stereotypes: Germaine de Stael and the Idea of Italy (2006); Gangster Priest: The Italian American Cinema of Martin Scorsese (2006). Co-author, The Italian in Modernity (2011).

Eugene Clasby: Ph.D., Wisconsin-Madison, 1966. Fields: Medieval literature. Translator: The Pilgrimage of Human Life by Guillaume de Deguilleville (1992).

Donette Francis: Ph.D., New York University, 2001. Fields: Caribbean literary and cultural studies, African American / African Diaspora literatures, theories of gender and sexuality. Author: Fictions of Feminine Citizenship: Sexuality and the Nation in Contemporary Caribbean Literature (2010). Current Project: The Novel 1960s: Form and Sensibilities in Caribbean Literary Culture.

Kathryn Freeman: Ph.D., Yale, 1990. Field: Romantic literature. Author: Blake's Nostos: Fragmentation and Non-Dualism in "The Four Zoas" (1996), Women Writers and the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1785-1835: Re-Orienting Anglo-India (2014). Current project: Un-cyclopedic Guide to William Blake.

John Funchion: Ph.D., Brown, 2008. Fields: Early and 19th-century American literature, cultural theory, and digital humanities. Author: Novel Nostalgias: The Aesthetics of Antagonism in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature (2015). Co-editor: Mapping Region in Early American Writing (2016). Current Projects: Insurgent Fictions: Partisan Mythology and the War State in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature; and a collaborative multidisciplinary digital humanities project, CONNECT (Countering ONline Networked Extremist Conspiracy Theories).

Thomas Goodmann: Ph.D., Indiana, 1990. Fields: Medieval literature, English language, the age of Chaucer. Editor: Approaches to Teaching Langland’s “Piers Plowman” (2019)Current projects: “Remembering the Summer Earth”: Women Writers of the Rural and the Wild

Tassie Gwilliam: Ph.D., Cornell, 1985. Fields: Restoration and 18th-century literature, feminist theory. Author, Samuel Richardson's Fictions of Gender (1993). Current project: Embodying Narrative: The Female Body in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture.

Pamela Hammons: Ph.D., Cornell, 1997. Fields: Renaissance and medieval literature, poetry, women’s writing, and theories of gender and sexuality. Author: Poetic Resistance: English Women Writers and the Early Modern Lyric (2002), Gender, Sexuality and Material Objects in English Renaissance Verse (2010). Editor: Book M: A London Widow’s Life Writings by Katherine Austen (2013). Current projects: Traveling Women Writers: English Renaissance Women at Home and Abroad.

Catherine Judd: Ph.D., California, Berkeley, 1992. Fields: Victorian novel, women's studies. Author: Bedside Seductions: Nursing and the Victorian Imagination 1830-1880 (1997). Editor: Gleanings in the West of Ireland, by Sidney Godolphin Osborne (2018).

Marina Magloire: Ph.D., Duke, 2017. Fields: African American literature, black feminism, Afro-diasporic literature and culture. Current project: We Pursue Our Magic: Vodou Feminisms from the Harlem Renaissance to Black Girl Magic.

Patrick A. McCarthy: Ph.D., Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1973. Fields: 20th-century British and Irish literature, science fiction. Author: The Riddles of "Finnegans Wake" (1980), Olaf Stapledon (1982), "Ulysses": Portals of Discovery (1990), Forests of Symbols: World, Text, and Self in Malcolm Lowry's Fiction (1994), Joyce Family, “Finnegans Wake” (2005). Editor: Critical Essays on Samuel Beckett (1986), Critical Essays on James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake" (1992), Malcolm Lowry's "La Mordida": A Scholarly Edition (1996), Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon (2004), James Joyce Literary Supplement. Co-editor: The Legacy of Olaf Stapledon (1989), Joyce/Lowry: Critical Perspectives (1997). Current project: a scholarly edition of Lowry’s “lost” novel, In Ballast to the White Sea.

Brenna Munro: Ph.D., Virginia, 2005. Fields: Gender and sexuality studies, postcolonial theory, Anglophone African literature. Author: South Africa and the Dream of Love to Come: Queer Sexuality and the Struggle for Freedom (2012). Current Project: Queer Generation: The Politics of Sexuality and Transnationalism in Contemporary Nigerian Literature.

Joel Nickels: Ph.D., California, Berkeley, 2007. Fields: Twentieth-century and contemporary poetry. Author: World Literature and the Geographies of Resistance (2018), and The Poetry of the Possible: Spontaneity, Modernism, and the Multitude (2012).

Frank Palmeri: Ph.D., Columbia, 1981. Fields: Comparative 18th- and 19th-century (including historiography, philosophy, and the visual arts), literary theory, satire, postmodernism. Author: Satire in Narrative: Petronius, Swift, Gibbon, Melville, Pynchon (1990), Satire, History, Novel: Narrative Forms, 1665-1815 (2003), State of Nature, Stages of Society: Enlightenment Conjectural History and Modern Social Discourse (2016). Editor: Critical Essays on Jonathan Swift (1993), Humans and Other Animals in Eighteenth-Century British Culture: Representation, Hybridity, Ethics (2006). Current project: Satire and the Public Sphere: Fiction, Caricature, and Censorship in Nineteenth-Century England.

Jessica Rosenberg: Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 2014. Fields: Shakespeare, Renaissance prose and poetry, science and literature, history of the book and of reading, literary theory. Current project: Bound Flowers, Loose Leaves: Horticultural Form and Textual Practice in Early Modern English Print.

John Paul Russo: Ph.D., Harvard, 1969. Fields: Literary theory, cultural and ethnic studies, 18th-century literature. Author, Alexander Pope: Tradition and Identity (1972), I.A. Richards: His Life and Work (1989); The Future without a Past: The Humanities in a Technological Society (2005). Co- author, The Italian in Modernity (2011). Editor: Complementarities: Uncollected Essays by I.A. Richards (1976). Co-editor: Italian Passages: Making and Thinking History. Selections from the 40th Annual Conference of the American Italian Historical Association (2010). Journal co-editor and review editor: Italian Americana.

Patricia J. Saunders: Ph.D., Pittsburgh, 1999. Fields: Caribbean literature, Caribbean popular culture, post-colonial studies, women’s studies. Author: Alien/Nation and Repatri(n)ation: Caribbean Literature and the Task of Translating Identity (2007). Editor, Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal. Co-editor: Music, Memory, Resistance: Calypso and the Caribbean Literary Imagination (2007). Current project: Fusion and Con/Fusion: Gender, Sexuality, and Consumerism in Jamaican Dancehall Culture.

Frank Stringfellow: Ph.D., Cornell, 1988. Field: Psychoanalytic criticism. Author: The Meaning of Irony: A Psychoanalytic Investigation (1994).

Mihoko Suzuki: Ph.D., Yale, 1982. Fields: Renaissance and early modern studies, English and continental; gender and authorship, early modern political thought and historiography, the classical tradition. Author: Metamorphoses of Helen: Authority, Difference, and the Epic (1989); Subordinate Subjects: Gender, the Political Nation, and Literary Form in England, 1588-1688 (2003). Editor: Critical Essays on Edmund Spenser (1996); The Early Modern Englishwoman Facsimile Library of Essential Works: Mary Carleton (2006); Elizabeth Cellier (2006); The History of British Women’s Writing, 1610-1690 (2011). Co-editor, Debating Gender in Early Modern England, 1500-1700 (2002), Diversifying the Discourse: The Florence Howe Award for Feminist Scholarship, 1990-2004 (2006), Women’s Political Writings in England, 1610-1725 (4 vols.; 2007); The Rule of Women in Early Modern Europe: Sovereignty and Representation (2008), Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal. Series co-editor, Transculturalisms, 1400-1700. Current projects: Gender, History, and the Politics of Civil War in Early Modern England and France; Palgrave History of British Women's Writing (vol. 3, 1610-1690).

Lindsay Thomas: Ph.D., California-Santa Barbara, 2014. Fields: Digital humanities, media studies, contemporary US literature. Current project: Training for Catastrophe: Preparedness Media, Speculative Fiction, and the Management of the Future.

Tim Watson: Ph.D., Columbia, 1998. Fields: 19th- and 20th-century British literature and postcolonial fiction in English. Author: Culture Writing: Literature and Anthropology in the Midcentury Atlantic World (2018); and Caribbean Culture and British Fiction in the Atlantic World, 1780- 1870 (2008). Co-editor: Cynric R. Williams, Hamel, the Obeah Man (2010).